Farewell Camp Colita

by Camp Counselors

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Recorded in various makeshift, but elaborate, blanket forts.

This album was recorded thanks to much hospitality! Sincere thanks to Emily Olyarchuk, Pistol Pete, Kelsey, Andy, Randy, and Mandy for letting us build blanket fort recording booths in their homes. A thousand thank you's to Stepdad for their influence and friendship, and for letting us sample their super-catchy song, Mystery in the Faking, in the making of Summerlife Pop. Thank you to Adam Siler for joining us in live performance. And finally, thank you to all of the rest of our friends for their support and enthusiasm!


released March 2, 2013

Sean Shoppell - Bass Guitar, Drums
Lee Garret - Labusquedon Drums, Live drums
Akeem Roberts - Freestyles/Raps/Vocals
Pedro Lopezdevictoria - Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Synthesizers
Kelsey Lopezdevictoria - Backing Vocals
Tyler Alion - Producing/Mixing/Mastering, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals
Damian Herring - Mastering for Perfect Tens, Lights and Wires
Thi Lam - Some Synthesizers/Drums in Theatre Party, Lights and Wires Mix
Steve Mazyck - Labusquedon voice-over
Stepdad - influence, samples from Mystery in the Faking for Summerlife Pop
Molly McNutt - Fake an Effort vocals
Fred Williams a.k.a. Chilavision - Summerlife Pop guest rap
Taylor Hodge and Rupert Hudson - Labusquedon guest rap

All songs written by Pedro Lopezdevictoria and Akeem Roberts. Labusquedon story by Jordan Tarrant.



all rights reserved


Camp Counselors Columbia, South Carolina

Camp Counselors is a starship of electronic and acoustic sunshine occasionally making pit stops in the darker parts of the galaxy, peppered with freestyles, symphonies, and guest appearances from whomever happens to stop by Camp Colita. So gather around the campfire and be regaled by stories of love, loss, physics, Chris Brown, magically deadly fish, and inappropriately risque theater kid parties. ... more

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Track Name: Tollbooth Milo
So just make up your mind are you feeling what I said, baby
Your body's telling me what your heart could never say, crazy
Shaking trembling to the beat and my eyes are turning red and I
Feel my fur popping out my skin and now my fangs are out to shred to pieces

Any young thing goofing up try'na keep up with the time
That's ticking on and on to the beat this song has playing in my mind
Now I need to feel it in me, hoping to conceal it in me
But in my mind this ticking time is just a sign you'll see

And as the clock turns over and over I am watching like a watchdog selling my soul for the rhythm with the magic of a tragic obsession, with an unexpected beat that'll keep you guessing.

So howl the martyr listen to me, listen to the fission glisten now
Let it glow so loud, let it go out over the mountain top a-rip the trees the mounting costs of life, when the beat cuts like a knife.